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    February 19, 2022

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Do you like music, whether it is slow and comfortable classical instrument music, or rocking fast pop music, or simple lyrics but melodic folk music, if there is a game that allows you to enjoy the joy of the game while enjoying the beautiful music, you should try this fun game.

Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! is a music-themed parkour game. Here you can control a small ball, and constantly break free according to the rhythm. Unlike the usual parkour adventure games, this game is more casual-oriented, you can use your favorite music as the game's background music, listening to their favorite music, and then the rhythm of parkour, sounds like a great thing ah. In the process of adventure breakthrough, the background music will continue to change, the difficulty will also be very simple from the beginning to increase the difficulty, but you do not have to worry, as long as you adapt to the rules and track at the beginning, even if the speed is accelerated to the back, you can still easily operate. Music is an aid for your adventure, I believe you will be able to get in a better mood in the beautiful melody, so that you can easily break through the layers of obstacles, and finally to victory. The game has many interesting levels and each level will be very interesting. Enjoy the different game fun, there are super rewards waiting for you, the game graphics look very realistic, giving players the perfect visual effect, as well as auditory double stimulation, Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! Choose this game is right, because it is really casual, and very interesting.

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How to Play

The game play is very simple, control a small ball on the screen jump back and forth, jumping when the feet will be similar to the ground tile blocks, must be a steady landing on the tiles, do not step on the air, step on the air on behalf of the game missed, then the level will immediately end. Of course, if you want to play in this simple game in a more cool operation, we certainly need to master to some skills, and in the challenge to master some skills is also to some difficult places more sure to operate. At the beginning, after you enter the game there will be a very simple new tutorial to tell you how to operate the basic game play. For example, you need to know how to turn, bounce, avoid traps, etc. These seemingly simple operations are actually a bit complicated, but do not worry, take your time until you have a certain level of proficiency, the later levels will be much easier. The game has a variety of graphics and music, no longer afraid of aesthetic fatigue because it has always been a look, the picture is also very beautiful, music also has its own characteristics, huge game levels and a variety of game content, are able to make you feel happy in this game, according to the requirements of the game in the game can successfully complete the task, and eventually unlock all the content, unlimited small ball and amazing sound effects can You will definitely be able to feel very fond of this game. Look at that little ball bouncing on the track waiting to go, can you successfully bring it to the end, come and try it!



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