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    Jun 27, 2022

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Toca Life: After School is an educational game designed for children and a brand new entry in the Toca series. This game simulates many real life scenarios where children can grow up in the game, focusing on developing children's intelligence and imagination, combined with a more cute cartoon design that is more in line with children's aesthetics.
About the game: Toca Life: After School is a casual puzzle game with fresh graphics. The game is a realistic simulation of children's daily life after school, with a wealth of game scenes you can experience, find your fun in the game and make more good friends. Of course, as it is created for children, the game is very simple to play. You can play in the sports hall after school, dance with other dancers in the dance studio, create art with brushes on the graffiti wall or head to the skate park and have a skate show. And very many more fun things to do.
Toca Life: After School game features.
1. Get to know the 27 characters and create their stories as you go along.
2. The game is very safe, with no third party ads or in-app purchases.
3. The cartoon rendering style is very comfortable and brings a bright feeling to the eyes, which makes the player more immersed in the game.
4. The game features four unique areas for players to explore. Skate Park, Art Studio, Dance Studio and Stadium.
5. You can record the stories you create and can save them to your album to share with your friends.
All in all Toca Life: After School is a game for children aged 8 and under. It allows children to enter a world of colourful characters and try out a range of activities. And with this game, there are no time or score limits, so you can play as long as you want. You will have a lot of fun playing the game. Don't miss out if you like this type of game.

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How to Play

Toca Life: After School has been developed for children to do what they want to do after school and to spend as much time as they want. Show your children that there is so much more to do than just do your homework. How do I play? Once you have entered the game, click on the blue button in the middle to start playing.
You will see a four-storey house, each floor corresponds to an area and the player is free to explore and complete the tasks corresponding to each floor.
First up to our first mission; head to the skate park on the ground floor and pick from a colourful selection of skateboards and scooters for an extreme experience as you glide along the quarter-pipe! Don't forget to protect yourself by wearing a helmet. And when you're tired, relax with a snack in the lounge!
Next head to our art studio on the first floor, where you can develop your painting skills and doodle or create a piece of artwork in any of the nine colours from the paint bucket! When you're done, choose a frame and hang your work in the gallery for all your little ones to enjoy.
Take the lift to the dance studio on the third floor where you can interact with the other dancers and dance along to the music. Don't forget to open your wardrobe and change into something comfortable. Or if you don't want to go dancing, you can turn on the games console and play a game for a while.
Here you can play basketball, football, baseball and many other sports, and don't forget to call your friends to play cheerleaders. You can also show off your artistic talents on the graffiti wall on the roof, play board games or just have a good night's sleep.



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