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    February 8, 2022

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    Tap2Play LLC



Count Masters - Stickman Clash is a 3D online action game developed by Freeplay Inc. It is not only fun and addictive, but it is also a digital puzzle game that requires players to use their brains to think.

Players in this game play a very small matchmaker image, you need to gradually grow your team, so that more matchmakers gathered together, because only then the player can survive the battle, but you need to prevent the attack by obstacles or your teammates will be less and less.

The game's graphics are very brief and bright, bold use of bright blue and red as the theme colors, the game characters are also very simple, cute, I believe that you will soon be immersed in the world.

Very interesting casual fun breakout parkour competition game. In the game, we can go to the game battle at any time. Constantly to control our crowd, to increase the number of people as much as possible, and the other side to fight. Operation is very simple to play

The gameplay is very simple, the player controls the character running in the game; rich levels of adventure challenges, the freedom to explore the mysterious maze.

This is a very challenging game, there is no complicated operation, the player needs to lead the character to the end, different obstacles have unique requirements, there will be enemies to fight along the way, you need to make choices so to ensure your final score.

The arcade style challenge is super exciting and the unique adventure brings you a new challenge full of passion.

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How to Play

The game play is simple, the player is not just a runner in the game, but the leader of a group of matchmakers, the player needs to gather their own team, and gradually is their team more and more powerful, and bring them into the final game, into their own main battlefield. But players need to be aware that in the process of running forward, will encounter many obstacles, these obstacles will depend on the number of your team, because they have the number of demotivated your team.

Of course each obstacle is marked with its own number, and players need to choose one of the correct number, and if the number chosen is correct, then you can defeat the enemy.
Keep moving forward, the bigger the team, the better the player's chances of victory! But the more casual running speed comes, the more difficult it will be and the more obstacles there will be. Come on! Defeat the King Matchmaker in the final battle and take over the castle!

In the different rounds, you need to dodge some obstacles. Each trap may hit your character, causing your group number to decrease before reaching the finish line. You should try to go through those crystal gates with bigger numbers so that you can have as many runners in your group as possible.

One last thing you need to remember is that when you cross the finish line, you will need to climb a lot more steps. That's why it's important to cross the finish line with more characters to get a higher score. In addition, you can unlock new skins and features in the main menu that can be used to enhance the appearance of your character.

In the game, players just need to use different props, you can make our rubber man become more, and there are super levels waiting for you, simple operation, easy to relieve stress is definitely your essential choice to pass the time! All battles, all players can adventure here, many levels are designed to be very diverse. The game requires you to react quickly, careful observation, and constantly find a variety of obstacles and overcome them. Each new style of play is rich, players eliminate the opponent can reap more, the more people, the stronger.



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