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Do you want to experience a different kind of game screen? Or would you like to experience the virtual world of God for once? And the story of Genshin Impact takes place in a fantasy continent. Here, each character can be defined as a god, and those chosen by the gods will be granted a different elemental skill to channel the power of the elements. You will take on the role of one of the gods and experience adventures exploring the boundless mysterious world, meeting companions with different personalities and unique abilities as you travel freely, defeating powerful enemies with them and recovering lost loved ones - all the while gradually discovering the truth about the "original gods".

In this game you will play a heavenly visitor with wonderful energy, you are separated from your family then you have to find them in the game, if you play the role of a girl in the game, then you have to look for your brother, playing the role of a boy, you have to look for your sister, as the story of the game advances, there will be other game characters to join, you can join according to the role of to form a team of your own.

The ingenious world structure, grand and unique city architecture, mysterious areas and rich natural terrain make up the unique landscape and vast open-ended adventure world of Tivat. Thanks to the game's powerful free exploration system, players can climb, swim and even fly over mountains and rivers in search of the strange and dangerous places on Tivat to discover the truth about their character's backstory, explore the unknown secrets of the fantasy continent, or even just stroll around and enjoy the beautiful scenery, Genshin Impact offers a high degree of freedom for players to experience the game according to their preferences .

The game's graphics are exquisite, with each character having their own persona characteristics and featuring secondary elements, background music and art that are pleasing to the eye. The plot is also very interesting and easy, with a traceable logic puzzle, and a style that incorporates many traditional cultural materials.

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How to Play

At the beginning of the game, you will see an animation introducing the main story, you can choose the gender of the main character according to your preference, as well as a general understanding of the background in the game. A newbie tutorial is then instructed, and the gameplay in general is not very difficult to understand. The game also has only one "exploration" concept. Want to casual to play you can also experience the game in the wild, gathering, hunting, climbing walls, etc. If you have enough time and energy, it is recommended that players explore this amazing continent on their own before starting. The game's graphics, modeling, characters and scenes are very attractive.

You can control your character in the game in the grassland, lake, town, church, explore different game play, you can play your own game characteristics and story, different characters appear in the battle differences, mainly in two aspects.

There is the basic role combat gameplay, this gameplay is that you need to form a combat squad, you can change roles at any time, that is to say, you can individually switch multiple heroes while you are fighting, these different roles will also have different differences when fighting, for example: weapons and elemental attributes, there are five kinds of weapons in the game, one-handed sword, bow and arrow, lance, magic book, great sword, these weapons in the game different The character will also show different movements and moves style, the game each character can use weapons in addition to combat can also use elemental skills, in the use of these elements will also test your battle strategy, players need to master these weapons can start your adventure in the game, of course, in addition to combat, but also need you to solve puzzles in the game.

This game is also set to be a game that requires card drawing. In addition to the main character and some of the characters, there are a number of other characters that need to draw cards to get. If you want to become a big brother in Genshin Impact, you must pay extra attention to the card draws, as drawing different characters can have a considerable impact on the maps and adventures that follow.



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