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    December 10, 2021

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Do you like racing games? If you're into racing games, then Mario Kart Tour will be one of your best choices! This is a Mario racing game, yes, the old friend Mario from memory. This time, we will adventure with Mario in the world of karting!
Mario Kart Tour is a Mario-themed karting game in which you can start an amazing adventure with your most familiar character. Drive your favorite kart on carefully designed tracks and enjoy the stunning scenery while showing off your drifting skills. Switch tracks quickly in the face of obstacles and enemies to leave your opponents far behind and sprint to the finish line!
This is a multiplayer race where you can compete with your friends or even racers from all over the world in the same track. With up to 8 players competing on the same track, stay alert as you face many opponents to reach the finish line in the best condition and become the fastest racer to win great prizes.
A variety of props are available. When you accidentally fall behind, remember to use props to interfere with your opponents and win more time for you. Also, don't forget about your opponent's prop attacks, which will cost you more time in the race. Props will play an important role in both individual matches and multiplayer matches, so collect more props when you get the chance.
Multiple characters to choose from. Not only is there the Mario you know best, but also his best friend and many more new characters. You can earn and unlock these characters through events and completing missions. Each character will bring you a different game experience. Try to participate in kart races with more characters!
Mario Kart Tour uses 3D graphics and can be played in vertical screen, one hand can control the screen, simple game operation for players of all ages. Here, one can experience the real racing game. Are you ready? Drift coolly on the rugged track now and see who gets to the finish line first to be the final winner!

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How to Play

Mario Kart Tour is a kart game that is simple to play, but very much tests the player's skills. When the player first enters the game, there will be a simple guide to guide the player, by finger dragging to control the direction of the kart, swipe to the left, the kart moves to the left. Swipe right to move the kart to the right. The kart in the game will automatically sprint forward without player control, using special props, but also to increase the kart's movement speed.
During the racing process, players can collect mysterious treasure chests on the track, which will be opened immediately after collection, from which players can get various props to interfere with the opponents. You can also crash your opponent's kart during the race to affect their normal driving. Each race has only one goal, to surpass all players and become the fastest racer to the finish line. When players complete each race, they can earn stars and rubies. The rubies can be used to buy game props to give the player more advantages in the game.
There are several characters to choose from in the game besides Mario. The characters in the game are divided into three levels according to their rarity: normal, super and high end. Normal characters are easier to obtain, while rare characters have faster speed and more starting point options In general, normal characters are easy to unlock, but rare characters have better attributes that players can obtain according to their needs.
The game also has several tracks to choose from, each track is like a new challenge, there will be a variety of obstacles and difficulties, making the game more playable. In addition, the player's choice of character, the type of kart used, the number of attacks on the opponent and specific moves will be the criteria for scoring the system.



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