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    January 12, 2022

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    Level Infinite



Do you like shooting games? Do you like to enjoy the thrill of hitting the target? If you are looking for an exciting shooting game, then PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath will be one of the best choices for you!
PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath is a competitive shooter developed by Level Infinite. With the theme of survival, players can experience the classic battle royale gameplay in PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath. In the game, players need to fight with other players to win the final victory, but it's not easy. Players need to grab rare supplies and keep making themselves strong in this world with limited resources, and every shot will win more chances for your survival. Do not underestimate your opponents, they have the same goal as you, you need to find cover in the vast map to hide your position. Of course, there is also a mechanism set up in the game is the recall mechanism, which allows players who have been eliminated a chance to return to the battlefield.
In addition to multiplayer battles, there are Classic, Entertainment, and Competitive modes to choose from. You can also hone your shooting skills in the single player mode and engage in a battle for survival with AI robots. No matter in which mode, you will experience a realistic shooting adventure!
The game also provides players with a wealth of weapons and equipment, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Players can choose according to their preferences. A good weapon can help you win more advantages in the battle.
PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath features realistic 3D graphics, clear picture quality, and realistic shooting sound effects that will bring players a quality gaming experience. Players can get a thrilling survival experience in different maps. Players can choose at will. Survival is the most important thing. The new gameplay will bring you a more exciting game experience!

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How to Play

After entering the game, players need to register an account, enter their favorite name, but pay attention to the naming rules, can not use the same name with other players, after that players can choose male and female characters, there is no difference in the character attributes, only different appearance, players can also choose the face, hair, hair color and skin color for the character to create, the results are not satisfied with the players can be in the game home page of the warehouse button In the home page of the game in the warehouse button to choose again. Of course, after entering the warehouse, there are many choices, such as the character's hat, shoes and clothes, etc. In order to get more decorations, players need to get them by playing the game to get gold coins for lottery. When choosing, players can enter the game by selecting different modes (classic mode, casino, competitive mode, evolution battlefield, etc.), maps, number of players, and other options in the upper right corner of the home page. If you choose classic mode, players enter inside the map and arrive at each material point to search for supplies, which are divided into helmets, bulletproof vests, guns, healing supplies, throwing objects, cars, etc. But a place may have more than one player landing, all players have to find a way to eliminate kill each other At the same time, the game will refresh the area every once in a while, in the refresh area is considered a safe zone, will not be harmed by the poison gas, the signal value will not be reduced, if the time in the toxic fog is too long. Players may die, as soon as you enter the toxic area, a countdown will appear on the screen, clearly indicating the longest time you can stay in the toxic area, so players should leave as soon as possible until the end Players in the area for a duel to the death, the player who lives to the end is the final winner. Gather your friends and start shooting! I'll be waiting for you on the battlefield!



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