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    February 22, 2022

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    Outfit7 Limited



Do you like playing dynamic parkour games?" Talking Tom Gold Run" is an action parkour game developed by Outfit7 Limited, in which players can run endlessly, dodge obstacles and earn more gold coins to build houses. The game's main characters are still those classic animals, remember that silly-looking will imitate your voice to speak the tomcat, yes, in Talking Tom Gold Run it will be together with his friends, to explore this new and different running world.

The game, the player encountered the most unlucky events, you and Angela ready to buy a house with the money was robbed, your goal is to catch the robbers, a little bit to recover the robbed money, so that the game to compete to buy a house for the parkour war has officially begun ....... Game graphics in 3D cartoon style, with a very cute popular tom cat, so that the game more three-dimensional. The game is brightly colored and more attractive to the player's eyes. The gameplay is also very simple as most parkour games, the classic game runway, no level mode, players just need to infinite impact can be, the game also does not have any end point, the more coins collected the better, but to collect gold - build houses - unlock the role of the core of the theme, more attractive.

Tom cat parkour game does not have much difference with the same type of games. The biggest highlight of Tom Cat Run game is the addition of some business elements. Tom Cat Run game players can help Tom Cat and its friends build their own homes by collecting gold coins, upgrading buildings, unlocking new characters and scenes. It can also be understood as the purpose of raising through the levels.

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How to Play

Explore the endless world of parkour, let the talking tomcat and Angela chase the robbers and retrieve your gold! Keep discovering new scenes, experience different parkour styles and pick up gas pedals on your way to parkour. In return you will be able to build that home of your dreams from scratch ......

Tomcat parkour games incorporate many different elements in the game that will trigger a number of emotions in the player, including courage, independence, self-actualization and motivation, among others. Although there are many parkour games currently available, this game with its unique world and scenarios will never bore the player. The gameplay is very rich, and players can choose both Tom Cat and Angela, and can always unlock other different characters to speak Angela, Ginger, Ben and Hank! You can also choose interesting and fun new costumes for them. After choosing a character, players still control the character by tapping the screen to slide left and right, forward, etc. The method is simple, if the player's left ushers in an obstacle, then the player needs to react quickly and slide the character to the right, if the player's right ushers in an obstacle, then the character needs to slide to the left, if you can't slide left and right to avoid obstacles, then the player can control the character to jump up or down Sliding to avoid obstacles. The game provides players with the collection of gold coins and various props, these props can facilitate players to play the game more smoothly, there is no level selection in the game, only endless mode, which is more conducive to collecting enough gold coins to buy the materials needed to build a house.



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