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    February 9, 2022

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    BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.



DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is an action-packed mobile game that brings the thrilling world of the Dragon Ball series to your fingertips. In this epic game, players can engage in intense battles, unleash powerful combos, and relive iconic moments from the popular anime and manga franchise. With its engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and immersive sound effects, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers an exciting experience for both fans and newcomers to the series.
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS features an extensive roster of beloved characters from the Dragon Ball universe. Players can assemble their dream team of fighters, including iconic characters like Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and many more. Each character comes with unique abilities, special moves, and super attacks, allowing for strategic battles and exciting matchups. The game offers a variety of game modes, including story mode, PvP battles, and events, providing players with a wealth of content to explore and enjoy.
One of the key attractions of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is its stunning visuals. The game features high-quality 3D graphics that faithfully capture the art style of the Dragon Ball series. From the vibrant battle arenas to the detailed character models, every aspect of the game is designed with meticulous attention to detail. The animations during battles are fluid and dynamic, adding to the overall excitement and immersion of the game.
The game incorporates a range of beautifully designed environments inspired by iconic locations from the Dragon Ball series. Players can engage in battles in iconic arenas such as the World Tournament Stage or the Kame House. The sound effects in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS are equally impressive, with impactful punches, energy blasts, and character-specific voiceovers that enhance the authenticity and intensity of the battles.
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers a balanced gameplay experience with varying levels of challenge. Players can engage in thrilling PvP battles against other players from around the world, testing their skills and strategies in real-time combat. The game also features challenging PvE content, including story mode chapters, events, and special challenges that provide rewarding gameplay experiences. The difficulty of battles increases as players progress, ensuring a continuous sense of progression and excitement.
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS has been regularly updated since its release, with new content, features, and improvements added to enhance the overall gameplay experience. The current version incorporates a range of new characters, game modes, events, and balance adjustments to keep the game fresh and engaging for players.
In conclusion, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is an exhilarating mobile game that offers a thrilling blend of action, strategy, and nostalgia for fans of the Dragon Ball series. With its extensive character roster, stunning visuals, immersive sound effects, and challenging gameplay, the game provides an unforgettable experience for players. Whether you're a die-hard Dragon Ball fan or a newcomer to the franchise, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is sure to captivate you with its exciting battles and iconic characters.

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How to Play

For novice players, getting started in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS can be an exciting and immersive experience. Here are some helpful tips and strategies to enhance your gameplay and progress in the game:
Understand the Basics:
Begin by familiarizing yourself with the game's controls and mechanics. DRAGON BALL LEGENDS features intuitive touch controls, allowing you to perform basic attacks, special moves, and unleash powerful super attacks. Take some time to practice different combinations and understand how each action contributes to the flow of battle.
Complete the Story Mode:
The Story Mode serves as a great introduction to the game's mechanics while offering an engaging narrative that unfolds within the Dragon Ball universe. Playing through the Story Mode not only allows you to experience the game's storyline but also rewards you with valuable resources, characters, and in-game currency.
Build a Balanced Team:
As you progress in the game, focus on building a well-rounded team of fighters. Each character has their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Experiment with different combinations of characters to find a team that complements each other's skills and playstyles. Consider factors like type advantage, synergy between characters, and their individual abilities to maximize your team's effectiveness.
Enhance and Upgrade Your Fighters:
To improve your team's overall performance, make use of the game's enhancement and upgrade systems. Level up your characters, unlock new abilities, and equip them with equipment and Z-abilities to enhance their stats. Additionally, the game features a Soul Boost system that allows you to further strengthen your fighters, increasing their power and unlocking additional abilities.
Participate in Events and PvP Battles:
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS offers various events and PvP modes that provide additional challenges and rewards. Participate in events to earn exclusive characters, equipment, and other valuable resources. Engage in PvP battles to test your skills against other players from around the world, climb the ranks, and earn rewards based on your performance.
Manage Your Resources:
In DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, resources such as energy, skip tickets, and in-game currency are vital for progression. Wisely manage your resources and prioritize their usage. Use energy efficiently by focusing on completing important quests, events, or farming materials. Skip tickets can be used to quickly clear previously completed battles, saving time and energy.
Stay Updated and Engaged:
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS regularly introduces new content, events, characters, and game updates. Stay informed about the latest news and updates through the in-game announcements or official social media channels. Participate in limited-time events and activities to earn exclusive rewards and unlock new content.
Join a Guild:
Consider joining a guild to interact with other players, participate in guild-specific activities, and receive additional rewards. Guilds offer a sense of community and provide opportunities for collaboration and friendly competition.
Remember, mastering DRAGON BALL LEGENDS takes time and practice. Explore different strategies, learn from your battles, and adapt your playstyle as you progress. With dedication and strategic thinking, you'll be able to build a formidable team of fighters and become a skilled player in the world of DRAGON BALL LEGENDS.



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