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    February 9, 2022

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Have you seen DRAGON BALL LEGENDS, do you want to try the battle effects like in the anime, or do you want to fight with him? Then join this game with me!
DRAGON BALL LEGENDS action card game. Players will play a Saiyan who lost his memory in the game, so the player's goal is to help the Saiyan recover his memory and participate in the battle to save the world. Here you can control many characters to participate in the battle, in the battle their combat moves are customized according to each character, with intuitive controls and simple card attack game, combined with high-quality 3D animation and visual effects, the game is very simple to play, the player only needs to tap the screen with his finger to control, and can even easily experience the fun of various battles in the game.

In this game not only has the battle class game play, in the battle at the same time let you feel the animation of a variety of super Saiyan attack state, but also can use the casual play through the development to build their favorite game character, the game story of the development of a comic book features, which all the time let you feel the fun of this Dragon Ball game!

DRAGON BALL LEGENDS" contains a wealth of anime game characters and RPG card game play, you can also unlock more characters, such as: from Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Tintin, Klin and other popular heroes, to Frieza, Sailor, Devil Buu and other evil villains, your favorite anime DB characters are here for you, which one will you choose? The game's graphics are exquisitely detailed and each game character is portrayed vividly. DRAGON BALL LEGENDS also offers a lot of free stuff, such as amazing login bonuses that other games don't have, and it makes everything easy with excellent customization support.

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How to Play

The protagonist of the game he is a time-traveling Saiyan he does not know what happened, so you have to help it to find its memory and save the world with it. Participate in this game you can achieve to save the game world hero, you can also unlock all your favorite characters in the anime, fight them in pvp mode, but also with people from all over the world, so players can also test their abilities.

The operation of the game requires you to pass the combination of cards to participate in the battle, and these cards are many move cards such as: "combat", "shooting", "big move", "sure kill technique", "ultimate" and other types of move cards, in the participation of the battle only you need to pass click on the corresponding card move to launch the attack, you need to select multiple cards in a row can be reserved for the next card to be used. These move cards are with the role, when switching roles will also become different.
Click on the screen to attack, and the enemy will be far away from the location of the launch of air bombs, closer to the launch of close combat techniques. The battle style is card confrontation, cards will be used for players in different confrontation mode, from close short fight to concentrated ki, from Kampai ki to genki bomb, and even some character-specific sure-kill techniques will appear. It can be said that the game is more strategic in its approach to combat.

Of course the game also contains many events, such as honing and upgrading your character and items, then defeating enemies through them, as well as unlocking other events where you fight the same character and make it more and more powerful... Other events are stories, so you can play them too. If the player wants to unlock all the characters you like, you have to go to the summoning area where you need to get crystals to unlock them, and once you have enough crystals, you can summon characters. There is also a new mode in the game called co-op mode where players can fight with a partner against a very powerful villain who has great abilities, that's why you need a partner to defeat them and when you win, you will be rewarded. You can also add your friends in this game and you can fight with them to see who is more powerful.



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