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    2 February 2022

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    Warner Bros. International Enterprises



If you are looking for a multiplayer game for parties and families, then Heads Up! is one of the best choices for you Heads Up! is known as a sensational word game and is published by Warner Bros. Entertainment, which has been loved by players all over the world since its release. In Heads Up!, you can interact with your friends, family and colleagues in an intimate way as it is one of the best multiplayer games. Hold your phone up to your forehead and guess the words on the screen based on the clues provided! This is definitely not an easy task. It's definitely not an easy task, it tests the tacit understanding between players, but if you're smart enough, it could be an easy task. There are many categories of words to guess in Heads Up! From Harry Potter to the most popular words of the day, there are only exciting words that you can't imagine. You can also create a set of categories and share them with your playmates by adding your favorite movies, characters, books, and more to the game. There are players from all over the world in Heads Up!, which means you can use it not only with friends you know, but also with millions of players Join Heads Up! and you will find a puzzle game that will surprise everyone.
Heads Up will be suitable for all people, as long as you can express yourself and like to participate in multiplayer games, then you can play it, a game that will not only bring unlimited fun but will also enhance your relationship. If you think you have a relationship crisis with your family or friends, then you can choose this game and you will find that it is a wonderful game. Come on and try it out!

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How to Play

Heads Up! is the equivalent of a charades game. The game can be played with two players or with more than one player, and the gameplay can be easy or difficult. Heads Up! provides players with many categories of cards that you can think of, such as: guessing people's names, lyrics, song titles, animals, actions, and more. Players can choose a group that interests them to play or create a category of their own.
Choose a category of your choice and when the game starts, you can play as a guessing player, you need to hold your phone with both hands and put it in front of your forehead, a word will appear on your phone screen randomly, of course the word is one of the categories you choose. Next, players have to guess the word on their own screen based on various clues provided by other players, so be sure to keep your head clear! Of course you can play as the player who says the clue, so you need to provide the other players with the corresponding clues. But be careful: the clues you provide cannot include the words in the words.
Each round has a countdown, and players must guess the word within the time limit. If you can't guess the word, just tilt the phone and lift your head to jump to the next word. Following this way you can keep this game playing in a loop, and when you come across some funny parts during the play, players can keep these funny game videos and then you can share this fun-filled video with your friends.
Of course in addition to playing the game with your friends and colleagues, you can also find like-minded players on Heads Up and participate in charades with players from all over the world.



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