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    February 11, 2022

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Island King" is a simulated fun casual construction game, the game is designed in cartoon style, the graphics are exquisite, the colors are well matched, making the whole game more relaxed and witty. The background music is very interesting, giving players visual and auditory enjoyment and immersing themselves in this game world. The game also has different ways to play, so you can feel the fun of this game.

Players in this virtual world to build their own exclusive paradise, the background of the game in an island, the player is the leader of the island, you need to unite the residents of the island, together to defend the island, protect your island and gold to avoid other players have the opportunity to take advantage of. Also help your little friend Luna, find his father.
There are many areas on the island where no one has set foot, you need to explore and adventure on the island, where there may be certain dangers. In the right place players can build various facilities and various landmarks on the fantastic island to make it come alive. You can also experience the fun of building various simulations in the game.
The best way to win coins is; to build your own island or to plunder other islands for coins. As the game progresses, collect various valuable cards to complete the puzzle set, win a lot of gold, build the island, unlock a new island for renovation, and so on. As the game is updated, there is no end to the game. Invite more friends to join the game and you will be richly rewarded.

If you like playing Monopoly, bingo or card and board games, then you can't go wrong with Island King! It can also be played with your family and friends and it will give you a different experience.

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How to Play

In the game to everyone designed to play a variety of modes, the player will become the leader of the pirate tribe, the formation of their own tribal team. Explore the vast island and lead your islanders to defend the island. Also make your island become vibrant and rich, smashing the enemy with cannon fire, to plunder a lot of wealth and become a billionaire. This is a great challenge, do you have the confidence to meet the challenge?

Your mission is to help Luna, a little girl from the tribe, cross one island after another to save her family from being kidnapped by the surrounding tribes.

Click to spin the magic wheel to earn gold or get the chance to attack and steal. Each island has boats, people, buildings and animals of some kind. Each building has five levels and you must maximize all five structures to become the king of the island. In order to earn coins, you must swipe right to spin the magic wheel. Click the button to consume some green energy to test your luck and spin the wheel!
Develop the various areas of the island. Build some unique buildings on the island, Viking settlements, Indian palaces, mysterious temples, etc. Invite your friends to join you for a fun vacation and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island with unlimited fun.

Protect your island and gold coins from other players. Build your island with coins and move forward to unlock the next destination island. Exotic Italy, mysterious Greece, romantic love sea and other special theme islands are waiting for you to conquer!
Become the king of the islands with the most gorgeous islands and the most luxurious vaults!
Hey! Do you want to experience the feeling of a billionaire? Come to Island King it can satisfy all your fantasies.



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