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    November 16, 2021

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Humans. Akira" is a physics-based casual, puzzle game, the original version was very popular on the PC, and now the game finally welcomes the unlucky "Bob" (the protagonist character operated by the player of "Humans: Akira") to join the game. What story will he bring to us? Let's join hands and enter the world of "Bob".

The setting of "Humans. Fall Flat" is a floating environment, like in the sky, and up like someone's dream world, you can play alone, or with up to four friends, teamwork, together to figure out how to do, it will be much easier. Bring more joy to the players. Each unique level is full of new adventures, snowy mountains, railroads, power stations, mansions, golf, etc. Each environment is different, and the gameplay is very sandy and funny, and the game also has many modes to choose from: single-player mode, multiplayer mode, online mode, and competitive mode; each mode is fun and challenging.

The image of "Bob" at the beginning is a little man with a white body, which is very interesting and funny. Players can customize his appearance. "Bob" more than one face, both Naruto, but also part-time delivery, once a suit, now specializing in pirates. Players can also dress his head, upper body and lower body, respectively, as you wish, no restrictions. The handheld side of the game will also be constantly updated with the excellent content in the PC side of the creative workshop, in the countless times of close combat and fall, listening to themselves and the sound of laughter coming from the ears, this is the purest form of human pleasure. Players have to fully use their wisdom and physics to help this uncoordinated limbs, walking wobbly "Bob".

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How to Play

Because the operation of the mobile terminal is optimized, while restoring the original ghost physics engine, the PC version of the difficult operation in the handheld version of "people. fall Flat" can also be achieved, throwing hands to climb the wall, vertical pull-ups, horizontal climbing can be done.

Players will be disguised as "Bob", in different levels to explore smoothly to find the exit, but "Bob" it is no superpower, he can not fly, can not jump significantly, like humans, to make some dangerous action he may die, which is one of the difficulties of the game. This is also one of the difficulties of the game.

He can use the game's auxiliary props and the use of physical effects to help themselves, such as; swing, pry open the iron fence, etc., to successfully find the exit. The game is played in the towering sky, if you are not careful full fall how to do? Do not be afraid not to retreat, this is just a dream, try again! Use your wisdom and physics to help "Bob", help him out of the absurd dream world.

Three different button modes also enrich the player's choice of operation, whether you want to precisely control the movement of the left and right hands, or easier to learn the single button operation, you can find their own corresponding button categories. You can climb walls, vertical pull-ups, or horizontal climbing can be done.

But the optimization of the operation does not mean that the game "difficulty" is reduced, after all, what can bring players a really difficult experience is not the level itself, but other teammates. And this is the charm of "Humans". Fall Flat is interesting, players not only have to manipulate the body of the fake wine, but also have to beware, found waving a drunken fist, pretending to solve the puzzle is actually trying to come at the critical moment to a slugging attack on the mole.



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