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    November 12, 2021

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Welcome to Boom Beach. make a battle plan or sink in the blue sea!

Do you like to play games that get your adrenaline pumping? Killing enemies soundly on the battlefield and so on. If you're looking for all these elements in a game, then Boom Beach is for you. Boom Beach is a battle strategy tower defense game where players can experience an epic battle against the evil dark guards. At the same time, you can continue to explore many unknown islands. Formation building, ultimate strategy, 5 different positioning professions, 5 different attributes of sectors, free to match your strongest team. Dazzling equipment, a hundred different shapes, exquisite Japanese painting style, powerful Ninjutsu arcana, dripping with details of the characters' and monsters' movements in every battle!

Boom Beach" a game set in a tropical archipelago pits players against an enemy known as the Black Guard above. The story begins with the player on an island with a number of defenses and troops who must fight the Black Guards who are hiding from the island and enslaving the locals. As you upgrade in the game, you need to upgrade your troops, buy and build some necessary buildings and also upgrade the skills of your army to defeat your opponents.

Use your wits and strong physique to fight against the evil dark guards in this epic battle strategy game. Attack enemy bases, free enslaved islanders, and uncover the hidden secrets of this tropical paradise. Create contingents with players from around the world and join forces to fight the enemy. Scout, plan, and then bomb the beaches!

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How to Play

In Boom Beach, use your wits and make yourself the most powerful defensive formation if you line up your troops wisely. While building various defensive measures, you should also keep building your base and improve all the basic capabilities to ensure proper operation and be able to defend well when an enemy attacks. Of course, you should also keep upgrading your combat system so that you can raid the enemy's base and defeat them to enjoy the lucrative loot.

There are 11 types of soldiers in Boom Beach, form your special forces, cooperate with each other to complete the mission and fight against the enemy. Defend your island. Are you confident that you can defend your island?

Not only that, you can also attack hundreds of unique island bases controlled by dark guards and explore the mysterious power of ancient idols. For this game surrounded by various islands and surrounded by their own blue ocean, players can experience the feeling of being the commander-in-chief here. All the battle strategy tower defense game, is in their own game territory, constantly build houses, defense measures, and a variety of production, life needs to use the basic generation, synthesis and output of infrastructure and so on. As long as you put your heart and soul into management and construction, you can build the kingdom you want in this small world of your own!
Game highlights.
1、Strong interactive effect
2、Game operation feel smooth
3、Beautiful background music
4、Scenes are carefully drawn



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