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    Android IOS

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    June 4, 2018

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    Warner Bros. International Enterprises



Create a style of your own in a world full of free imagination, and welcome to the world of fantasy.Scribblenauts Unlimited is a casual puzzle sandbox game developed by Warner Bros. International Enterprises, and it is the fourth game in the Scribblenauts Unlimited series. It helps players explore their creative potential. Players can adventure in this open world where the only limit is your imagination and players can get everything you want through their own imagination. Players can create a cool sports car and drive it around the world, if you have dreams of flying, players can also create a pair of wings that will let you soar freely in the sky, if you want to be a millionaire, then you can create a lot of money ...... , as long as you can think of, in the game can be created, in the happy game at the same time, remember to help Maxwell to solve dozens of seamless roaming levels of powerful puzzles. The game style is very fresh and lovely, after entering the game players will be like entering a fairy tale world, visually give players a different game experience, the cartoon characters inside the characters can make players look good mood, the color scheme is also bright and lively, very suitable for bored to pass the time of the players or lost in life and come to the game to vent their talents. The gameplay is also very simple, players only need to enter the English words of the corresponding items to create a variety of items to solve a variety of puzzles, as long as the player has enough English vocabulary, the items you imagine can be realized. Come on, explore everything you want in this unrestrained world, remember, human imagination is unlimited, your creativity is the greatest wealth.

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How to Play

The gameplay is very simple and only requires the player to have some basic English and then enter the corresponding English words through the keyboard to be able to get items as well as props because only then will the system show what you need. It is like writing any word in English and then making the content of the word into a physical object in order to solve puzzles and produce various game effects. You can create so many things in this game, only you can't think of nothing it can't do, can be dinosaurs, aliens, UFOs and other nouns, but also support adjectives to describe! It seems to be a game of vocabulary test? No, no, no, no. There is basically no topic in this game that has only one solution. As for how many solutions you can find... It all depends on how boundless your vocabulary and imagination are. In this game imagination is more important than "vocabulary". In short, players in the game is to create their own props in the game props library, according to the system proposed to interact with the game conditions, such as requiring players to clean the pig, then players need to enter the English word soap, of course, you can also enter other related words, if you enter the word is not correct, the game will be given at the beginning of the corresponding prompt to confirm the input. Therefore, players only need to complete the designated items for transformation and win when they succeed. Use your imagination, learn and consolidate your English words, explore the world, and never worry about your mom saying I only play games and don't learn anymore, here, all the fun is to better exercise your vocabulary, what are you waiting for, call your friends to come to this creative world to play their own skills!



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