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Have you ever seen a small crocodile that loves cleanliness? Or do you want to help an unclean little crocodile to take a bath? This little crocodile in this game is a bit different, he is curious, friendly and cute, he likes to take a nice bath after a hard day's work every time. But there is a problem with the plumbing in his house and he has no water to take a bath. In order to let him take a bath you need to play the game and let the little crocodile have a comfortable bath when he comes home from work and he needs your help to lead the water to him.
Where's My Water is a very interesting casual puzzle game in which the player needs to help the clean little crocodile to find clean water resources and direct the water to his fish pond, what are you hesitating to help him.
The game play seems to be very simple, but it can give players an unforgettable game experience. It is a classic casual puzzle game with a classic physics engine. While playing, players need to collect the ducklings that the little crocodile bathes in.
Where's My Water's game graphics are very cartoonish and cute, coupled with the relaxing and wonderful background music, the whole game process becomes more relaxing and enjoyable, which also greatly increases the attractiveness of the game. Everything in the game is designed to be very realistic, and some details are handled very well, such as: hitting water, splashing water, splashing water various effects are very image, at the same time it combines the knowledge of physics, increasing the playability of the game. The game operation is very simple and intuitive, players just need to click on the right place can be, but in the action before you must think well, otherwise everything will be halfway! Every drop of water in the game is very important. Every drop of water is critical!

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How to Play

In the game, players will be in a world of crocodiles, each with different habits and hobbies, for example. The big crocodile looks visually as both fierce and strong, because it is a super heavy eater, it does not like to eat food related to green vegetables and likes to eat rotten garbage. So the player must use sewage to clean the green algae plants that cover the garbage food to satisfy its desire.

And the other one is a funny and kind crocodile who lives in the sewer and wants to take a comfortable bath after finishing his busy work every day. He is a crocodile who loves cleanliness, which contrasts with another crocodile. But it is not an easy task to get this little crocodile to take a clean bath because you need to open your brain to guide the water flow, and in the process you will come across algae and a purple liquid, which cannot be used You have to try to avoid the algae because it will absorb the clean water, and the purple liquid is corrosive and harmful to the little crocodile The purple liquid is corrosive and harmful to the crocodile, but the purple liquid can kill the algae. If you don't guide the clean water into the crocodile's bath or if the amount of water doesn't meet the crocodile's bath, the crocodile will cry out in sadness. All these actions will make you very cute and interesting in this game. So you need to use your brain to guide the little crocodile with lots of clean water. The game will not be so simple, you need to use your wisdom to clean up all the obstacles you encounter in the game and collect the little yellow ducks, only collect enough ducks to be able to unlock more levels, and you can also challenge more interesting levels, quickly join the game.



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