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    January 14, 2022

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Do you like to draw? Do you like sketching? Are you able to fill the water glass with water by sketching? Then are you able to make the water glass happy from sadness? So in order to bring happiness to the water glass where it belongs, it is a different kind of fun to pour water to it. Enter this Happy Glass game, you will feel a simple style of hand-drawn challenge game, the game uses the perfect design of the real physics engine effect, you need to draw a variety of lines through the fingers flexible, with your own wisdom to draw a different line, which is very exercise imagination.

The game screen using a very simple cartoon cute style, the game background music is easy and cheerful, flexible mastery of various skills to complete a variety of challenges! Need to complete a variety of challenges within the specified time, simple and interesting operation, more levels of challenge, so you feel the charm of painting.

Use lines to help water into the cup, the cup will appear at any time a variety of expressions, if you help it fill the water at the same time, the method is not appropriate to waste a lot of water it will appear sad expression, if you fill the cup with water at once it will show very happy, which makes you in the challenge full of endless fun, use painting to complete a variety of challenges, so that our cup is full of smiles. It can relieve all kinds of stress that

The game is actually very easy to pass, but there are really various ways to pass, and it is easy to try more different ways to pass and more efficient ways to paint to keep players interested.
The lines are not just painted, it is the equivalent of an aid to help the water into the cup, it needs a point of force, it has its own weight and is subject to gravity, including other movable elements of the game, whether it is a ball, a board, a gear or a cup or even water, all are affected by gravity.

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How to Play

The game this lovely glass cup, why will behave unhappy? It turns out that there is no water inside the cup ah, simple operation play, with a pencil to draw the auxiliary line, the water will be successfully led to the water cup, you need to have a reasonable planning route to draw, although the level looks very simple, but can you get more stars? Need to draw lines in a variety of different ways to let the water into the cup, how much water in the cup are related to the mood form is different, when empty the cup is a state of unhappiness, only successfully pour water into the cup to make it happy, this is a change process from sad to happy, can exercise your thinking can be active, to carry out different operations. A casual puzzle game full of magic and fun challenge game, in the game there are different modes of play, set the scale of the cup each different level has a star rating, the full exercise of the player's brain power and logical thinking ability to challenge. Reach a certain scale will complete the clearance.

But do not forget to pay attention to the obstacles on the screen, because they can change the direction of water flow. Depending on the length of the lines you draw to determine how many stars you win at the end of each level. So plan the lines you draw carefully; the fewer you draw, the more points you'll win! There are many levels in the game, but as you break more and more levels, the difficulty gets harder later on.

Now enter this game in which everything depends on your own play, as long as you want to draw how to draw, as long as you can look at the cup filled with water to reveal a happy look, will you also follow it and start to be happy?



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