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Do you like playing billiards? Are you still depressed about not being able to go out and play billiards with your friends? Now you can play pool with your friends at home! Play 8-ball pool with your friends online, a pool simulation game with the most realistic graphics and the most classic gameplay! You can experience the most realistic pool fun in the game!
You will have a variety of options in the game, supporting not only one-on-one player matches, but also against your friends and even players from all over the world, so you can show off your skills no matter which game you play. 8-Ball Pool uses the classic 8-Ball style of play, where you can win by getting all the balls into the holes and making sure you have a black 8 at the end. Even if you are a new player and have never tried the sport before, don't worry, 8-ball pool is very easy to learn and it only takes a few tries to master the game. At the same time, personalized cues will add even more fun to the game. 8 Ball Pool offers players a wide range of cues and pool tables, and when players reach a certain level, they will have the opportunity to unlock these tools and choose their favorite style from them. You will be able to use personalized cues to highlight your strength in the game and surprise your opponents. You will be rewarded with coins for each match and when you have enough coins, you can use them to play in higher level matches or buy new items in the store. Now, choose your favorite mode and level and start the challenge!
If billiards is a sport you've always wanted to try, then 8 Ball Pool will be one of your best choices. Simple and fun to play, you won't get bored, and you'll really experience the charm of billiards in this virtual game.

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How to Play

8 Ball Pool has several game modes, different modes offer different ways to play, in different game modes, players will reap different game fun.
In the 1V1 mode, the system will randomly match players with opponents, each player will bet 25 chips before the game starts, and the final winner will receive 50 chips. Once the game starts, both players alternate hitting the ball and the player who hits the ball more times wins.
League mode, entry into the league requires players to pay a certain fee. Each game has a strong opponent, and players can only advance to the next round if they beat their opponent. Advancing to the next round will make the game harder and more challenging for the player, but winning in the league will often result in higher rewards.
Shaker games, where players can spend real money betting on shaker games, will give them a chance to win big chips.
Practice mode, as the name of the game suggests, allows players to practice their hitting skills with the AI in this mode, where you can continue to gain experience and apply the skills you learn to each game.
In addition to the above modes, players can also invite friends to start a match together in the same room. In either mode, the rules of the game are the same as real billiards. Players can adjust the direction and power of the cue by dragging to see the path of the billiard ball as you aim at a spot; the farther you drag the cue away from the ball, the more power the ball will have, and conversely, the closer the cue is to the ball, the less force it will exert. Each match won will give you rewards that can be used to buy more equipment at the billiard store or to advance to the next level of the league! Also, players can unlock more personalized cues and tables. Use different cues to bring out your bigger charm in the game!



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