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Hay Day is a farming simulation game developed by Finnish company Supercell and released on June 21, 2012 on IOS, and is one of the most popular farming games. In this free farming world, you can experience the fun of being a farmer. From planting to harvesting, everything will be done by your own hands! Your farm life begins when the sun shines on the earth. You will start with the basic planting, sowing seeds on the land, watering and fertilizing. Under your care, the crops will grow slowly, and soon it will be harvest time. You can use the harvested crops to earn gold to plant more crops such as wheat and corn on your land. You can also raise some animals like poultry, hens, pigs and cows, feed the animals, take care of them, collect the products they produce from farming such as eggs, chicken and milk, and then use these products to trade with other farmers to earn gold. When you have enough levels and gold coins, you can upgrade your farm and decorate it to look like your dream. Also expand your farm, grow more crops and raise more poultry. Do you have the confidence to make your farm into a big manor with everything you need? Build bakeries, barbecues, sugar factories and other production facilities to produce and sell a wide variety of products to make your farm business bigger and bigger! You can do different activities in different places, baking cakes in the bakery, making candy in the sugar factory, making beautiful clothes in the clothing factory. Everything you can think of for farm activities can be done here. Don't forget to do activities like fishing in your spare time, you will get more fun from the game. Invite your friends to join the game and experience the farm life together. Communicate with other players online and help each other in the community to build a perfect farm together.
Hay Day is a game for everyone, with well-drawn graphics, rich details, and relaxing background music to make you more relaxed.

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How to Play

Hay Day is an agricultural simulation game which cannot be played without crops and poultry, so the land is very important in the early stages of the game. When players first enter the game, they will follow the scarecrow's guide to complete the first planting, harvesting and farming, feeding and other operations. Each completed operation will accumulate experience value, and when the experience value reaches a certain amount, the player's level will rise . When players first enter the game, they can only plant one or two crops and can only raise hens. Other seeds and poultry need players to reach a certain level to unlock, and the unlocking level varies for each item. So when your level is high enough, you will be able to grow and raise more things. After harvesting crops, you can sell them to get gold coins. When the gold coins accumulate to a certain amount, you can buy building materials in the store to expand your farm. When the farm is expanded and the level is raised, players can feed some animals such as pigs, cows, sheep, etc. They can also plant more crops such as wheat and corn. In addition to operating farms, players can also build various facilities on the map, bakeries, sugar factories and other processing places, each additional facility operated, the farm income will only be more and more. Fulfilling orders from customers, earning more gold and building a better manor is your ultimate goal.
Players can create a community or join other communities in the game to exchange materials with players in the community and upgrade your warehouse faster.
Hay Day is a simple, fun and easy to play game, great for playing when you are bored, with rich gameplay waiting for you to challenge.



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