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    February 14, 2022

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    Good Job Games Bilisim Yazilim ve Pazarlama AS



Want to feel the speed and passion? Want to put your foot on the gas? Do you want to feel the speed that you cannot experience in life? To bring you the fullest sound thrill, if you want to experience then enter Rush Hour 3D game to feel these impossible.

Here you don't have to think about whether it is safe or not, you just step on the gas and feel the high-speed sprint, experience the casual racing game, a particularly exciting mobile racing game. The game has extremely sophisticated 3D graphics, high quality graphics, intuitive controls, perfect for playing anytime, anywhere to participate in the race. Control your speed, overtake your opponents at just the right time and avoid unexpected collisions, this is the classic racing game.

The scenes in the game are also rich in detail and when you enter the game you will be amazed by the various beautiful graphics, whether it is the sparks set off during the acceleration process, bringing the player a real-world gaming experience.

In this game, players can experience different ways to play, feel the exciting adventure experience, in the game to complete the task can get the game props, the time to test the skills and hand speed. Creative new casual car challenge game, fresh and simple screen style, interesting and infinite challenge process, simple operation mode, the main test of the player's ability to operate, flexible to avoid a variety of unexpected obstacles.

If you like racing car games, then please do not easily miss this "Rush Hour 3D".

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How to Play

In the game, players will drive a variety of vehicles on the real road to start a fierce racing experience, and through the continuous overtaking to complete the level.

In the game, players can control the speed and direction of the vehicle to complete the operation of overtaking, if you want to accelerate, just tap the phone screen, lift your finger to slow down. Using this simple control, open the overtaking mode, the vehicle will automatically speed up into the overtaking lane forward, and the player needs to do only to see the timing click the screen perfect overtaking through the level can be, overtaking process requires players to dodge a variety of oncoming vehicles in time, you can experience a driving thousands of kilometers, to get a new personal record.

On the right side of the screen, there is an energy bar that shows the energy level of your vehicle. From the main menu, you can also use the coins you earn to unlock new vehicles or upgrade those already in the garage.

While driving, you also have to be careful to avoid opposite vehicles and keep your distance, if a collision occurs, the game is over. A variety of different vehicles can go freely to choose, good skills to use the ability to easily pass the success oh. Free to go to the car modification, and constantly improve its performance, better to complete all the tasks oh. When overtaking you also have to be careful, there will be a variety of different obstacles appear, maintain a steady speed. Seize the opportunity to quickly overtake other cars, so that we can successfully reach the first position and win.



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