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The outbreak of a war, the spread of nuclear radiation, people in order to escape from the invasion of nuclear radiation, so the construction of a shelter, you as a shelter builder, how do you protect the safety of the residents, in the shelter for a long and stable life, which is undoubtedly full of challenges! Do you dare to accept this challenge and succeed? We look forward to your performance in the game.

Fallout Shelter" is a simulation + strategy survival game produced and published by Bethesda, players will build a shelter in the game and you are also the leader of this shelter, the game simulates the survival environment in various disaster conditions. The game simulates the survival environment under various disaster conditions. In the game, resources are scarce, supplies are scarce, you have to ensure the survival of the residents, but also to face the crisis that may arise at any time, in the face of mob attacks or internal problems, as well as the responsibility of the residents inside the work, life and reproduction of offspring and some other burdens. Will be a great test of the player's management ability.

Fallout Shelter" player comments.
This is a well-made game, to the end of the world as the theme is very novel. It's easy to play and easy to get started, in terms of graphics, American comic style, the game can be individually zoomed in each room, so that the people and scenes inside have a more detailed performance. 3D scenes and 2D characters combined with the picture has its own characteristics, in terms of sound effects, the game is very realistic, whether the sound of water or food sounds. The game content is also very rich and not boring, you can build houses, collect production resources and send people out to explore, and sometimes face bandit attacks and disasters. Very playable and interesting.

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How to Play

Fallout Shelter" players have to play a supervisor in the game, responsible for establishing and managing the shelter, by improving the happiness of the shelter residents to carry out. As a management game, the gameplay is much the same as other management games, resource balance, staffing, expanding the scope of business, dealing with emergencies, etc. Players just need to pay attention to these points, you can easily finish playing this game.

Fallout Shelter" players will play the game from three aspects, respectively, construction, management and combat.
Construction: Construction is the most basic, each shelter features are to be constantly built to expand out. Because you must build a good shelter in order to provide a place for the residents to survive, so that they can withstand the nuclear radiation. Players can get "bottle caps" to build their homes by completing missions in the game, upgrading personnel or sending people out to explore, and in addition to building rooms, you can also use the "bottle caps" to upgrade the shelter to make it stronger.
Management: How to run your own shelter is also very important, otherwise it is easy to have big problems. The daily expenses of the shelter need to use the three resources of electricity, food and water. Every once in a while you will get a part of the resources, you need to collect the player's hands to do, with these resources can ensure that the shelter can be operated normally.
Combat: In the game there will be some crisis, respectively; foreign enemy invasion and cockroach invasion. Players have to train some residents in the game, by drawing cards to get weapons, provide weapons and equipment to them to improve their ability to face the crisis! This will prevent battles from happening.



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