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    Jun 3, 2021

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    Andreas Illiger



Have you ever imagined that you can fly like a bird in the sky, do you have a dream of flying like a blue sky and white clouds? If you want to accomplish this dream, you can help the bird fly over the rugged hills in "Tiny Wings" and realize its dream of blue sky. This is a very simple-looking game, the main character is a small bird, its body and wings are small, so it can't fly continuously in the sky. Players will help the little bird to fly over the beautiful hills and enjoy the blue sky and white clouds in the flight.
The background setting in this "Tiny Wings" game is very simple, but there is a natural phenomenon that the game's hills will change dynamically according to time, with the effect of day and night, the game is simple cartoon style in the performance of the screen, fresh tones and simple graphics.
Do not look down on this little bird, it can fly constantly with your help, watch it flapping their little wings trying to follow your rhythm has been flying in the sky, because this bird in this beautiful hill as jumping and gliding need you to help it can fly up to the sky, because this one bird, belongs to the beautiful sky!

In addition to the single player mode, the game also allows you to have a mano-a-mano battle to see who can fly higher and faster on the hill with a few other birds. Join the race now and win your share of the victory! Tiny Wings" is suitable for players of all ages. This game is very good for exercising players' finger dexterity because the game design is very simple and straightforward, and the cute bird image and the background that changes every day, together with the light and pleasant music, will make all players feel a different kind of flying fun.

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How to Play

The player will control a small bird with very small wings, so it has to ask for your help to fly in the sky. The track of the game is like the waves of a hill, uneven and undulating, a flight over this uneven hill, it is because of this that the hill is used to give the bird flight speed and longer flight time. Tapping the screen causes the bird to fall and the player will decide where the bird will fall in order to get the next flight from the hill.

There is also a time control in the game, as the game progresses the sun rises the bird can fly in the sky, the sun will slowly fall, and eventually to the night, you need to complete the task before the night comes and also to get more coins and points. The further you fly, the more coins you will collect and the more points you will eventually get. When the night has gradually caught up with the bird, the sky will slowly become dark. Until finally night falls, the bird will enter its resting state, then your game will be over.

This "Tiny Wings" bird's dream is to be able to fly higher and farther, but the bird's wings are small, the bird came up with a way that requires players to use the power of rolling hills and wind, to allow themselves to fly higher and farther. The general goal of the game is that the longer you fly forward, the higher your score will be; there are lots of coins scattered around the hills, so control the bird to get as many coins as possible. There are some special tasks to complete in the game, such as specific islands, and you can unlock other different birds. In addition to the single player mode, players can also choose to race with 3 AI-controlled birds on the hill, and the faster and higher bird will win the race! Let the birds realize the dream of flying to the blue sky.



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