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    January 23, 2020

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    ustwo games



Are you looking for a beautifully drawn game? Serene and stunning? Minimal and beautiful? Here's a game that's perfect for your taste. Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed and operated by USTWO. The backstory of the game takes place in a bland and rich country with a princess named "Ada". Once the naughty and curious little princess took away the "sacred geometry" of the country, the naive little princess didn't know that she would cause harm to her country. This sacred geometry looks like a small machine, but it is actually the core of the country's operation, and any country that loses its sacred geometry has to die. After the initial panic and sadness, our little princess finally realized her mistake, in order to restore the hurt country, in order to get their forgiveness, Ada alone on the road to return the sacred geometry.
So the player will control the princess called "Ada", you need to help her to successfully escape in these palace-like buildings, the game has many levels, as the game progresses, the player will encounter more and more difficult levels, encounter more and more problems. The game also adds a lot of interaction, while also making the whole game more and more rich in content.
Monument Valley is a feast for the eyes and ears. The fresh graphics with ethereal music pulls you into that mysterious map and makes you overwhelmed. The background music flows slowly, without a high note, the low and heavy tune is like the soul singing, but also like the deceased is pouring out some injustice. Those who passed away and became crows because of Ada have no human consciousness, do these sad and hopeless sounds come from them.

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Although this is a maze game, the map screen is the ultimate in simplicity, it is on such a seemingly very simple map, but it is not easy to pass the level. Each level requires the player to switch many perspectives and then use different optical illusions to discover new paths. The puzzle solving process is exciting, each time you switch perspectives is like discovering a new treasure, turn on all your brain to explore the hidden paths, plus some unique small organs to create new ways to make the whole brain in the whole process of high-speed operation, the moment of success is like climbing a difficult mountain. There are 10 levels in the game, and after passing them Princess Ada will put all the sacred geometric shapes back in place, and will eventually be forgiven by the nation, with black crows turning into birds of all colors and dancing around Ada. Ada at this time but found himself turned into a soul body, has been watching Ada in the kingdom of heaven, the old king saw the change of Ada, Ada all the growth of the old king in the eyes. The old king passed the crown to Ada, and then Ada turned into a white bird and led all the people to fly out of Monument Valley
In short, in the game, each level requires the player to explore, looking for the mystery, such as the player encountered the first level, the level design is very simple, the most conspicuous is the object that can rotate, yes it is, the player just need to select it to reach high places. The second level, for example, is designed like a garden, you need to look carefully to see and the first level similar to the object can be rotated, the player needs to walk to it to rotate it, it can provide a new path for the player. But not every level is so simple, players must remember not to be confused by the picture in front of you, be careful!



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