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If you're looking for a relaxing, stress-relieving and addictive game, stop your search now and play Bucket Crusher. It's sure to get you hooked!
Bucket Crusher is the latest game from the famous game manufacturer VOODOO and is available on Android and iOS. The combination of various gameplay simulations such as gathering and digging elements makes the game endlessly fun, and players can perform one-handed operation to free your hands and experience the relaxing process that comes with one-handed operation. The game has several levels, each of which has been carefully designed and each level has a different way of playing. Although the game may look simple, it is still very difficult to achieve a high score and succeed in the challenge. Try it out and see how far you can get in the game.
Bucket Crusher is played in 2D pixelated graphics with a side-on view. It doesn't have the HD quality of the big titles, but it has its own character. Each level is made up of various coloured bricks; avocados made up of green bricks, statues of goddesses made up of blue bricks and many other architectural models waiting to be excavated and collected by the player.
The game is very free to play, but there is a time limit to complete the task within the time limit, so players must keep track of their progress. Each level will have some random props that you can use to help you get through the levels more easily.
If you like simple and fun games, then don't miss out on this Bucket Crusher game, it will give you something different.

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How to Play

How do I play Bucket Crusher? Firstly, when you enter the game, there will be a tutorial for players to learn and familiarise themselves with the interface of the game, once you understand it you can start to operate. Players take on the role of a driver for mining, you don't need to drive a vehicle in the game, you just need to control the robotic arm to swing up, down, left and right, and you can also freely retract the length of the robotic arm. Demolish walls, dismantle walls, complete each level with its corresponding objective and unlock new levels to take on the challenge.
You can also unlock new tools after each level, and there are many rare minerals for you to collect. There's no difficulty in the action either, as you can complete everything with just your fingers, and there are tasks ranging from easy to hard, waiting for you to succeed. At the beginning of the game your objectives are simple and can be easily accomplished; later on you will be faced with larger areas and it is time to upgrade your mining equipment. You can use the coins from each mining trip to upgrade your rocker arm to cover the entire mine, and you'll also need to upgrade your power to ensure that your digging continues. In addition, the more you demolish, the more you earn, so you can choose your favourite skins to dress up your mining truck.



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