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    February 25, 2022

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This is a fast-paced piano music game called Magic Tiles 3.

Do you like the combination of music and games, while playing games can also enjoy the delightful music, follow the rhythm, fingertips dance, Magic Tiles 3, continues the perfect advantages of the first two, simple game graphics and super scenes, the game play is simple and interesting, extremely easy to learn! Players only need to follow the music to click the screen, remember not to step on the white blocks can be perfect clearance, the game is a great test of the player's attention and reaction, exercise finger dexterity.

Magic Tiles 3 is a great way to meet the basic needs of the speedy party, task maniacs and collectors. And not kryptonite can also play very high, put aside the game this Magic Tiles 3 is more like a large library of music, a variety of beautiful music here have a figure, whether it is cool piano music, or rhythmic pop songs, in Magic Tiles 3, you can tap out through the rhythm, almost as if they are using the instrument to play the same.

If you want to learn a certain instrument, but are afraid to try it in real life, Magic Tiles 3 will give you the courage to try. In the game, you simply control your fingertips to tap the screen to play beautiful pop songs as if all the notes were dancing at your fingertips, and you'll enjoy the thrill of playing music and taking that first brave step with such conviction.Magic Tiles 3 features over 5,000 of the hottest songs for players to play, and each song is a new challenge. Do you have the confidence to play through a song? Don't hesitate to become a master pianist in Magic Tiles 3!

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How to Play

The rules of this game are to click on the black blocks, very simple to play, but to play well and score high, it is not a matter of luck, not only do you need your eyes to keep up, but your hands must also keep up with your mind. At the beginning of the game, the rhythm is slow, in order to let you adapt to the music, until you have almost heard a rhythm, it will gradually speed up, your hand speed must also keep up with it, because accidentally will step on the white block or miss some black blocks, in this case, the game is over.
In each level of the game, there will be a small symbol similar to the presence of a counter at the top of the screen, from stars to crowns, from one to three, players can show their skills through this, which is also an important way to assess the score of the system, when a song is played at normal speed, it will be accelerated with a faster and more difficult way to start over again, the logo of the accelerated version of the challenge is to show the first When the crown is displayed, it indicates the start of the challenge. If you do well enough, you will receive 3 crowns. Players are rewarded for each level they successfully complete and can unlock more tunes.

The game currently contains four game modes: classic, arcade time, relay, and endless mode. These four modes have different rules, although the gameplay is the same, but the game under different rules to play the feeling is also different, and the game's key music is not only piano, there are a variety of instruments for players to use, like guitar, violin and other instruments are available.

If you are a music lover, then Magic Tiles 3 is a great game that you can't miss, satisfying your musical fetish and entertaining you, very much a double whammy.



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