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    January 4, 2022

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Perhaps now the parkour game it is not new to many people, there are many common parkour games, these parkour games let you in the process of each parkour have achieved a different fun, but also to add a lot of interesting things to your boring life, then have you ever thought if in the desert for parkour? What kind of experience is that? So have you ever experienced a different kind of skating in the desert? Exploring beyond the horizon in this Alto's Odyssey game is a vast expanse of desert, vast horizons, full of mystery and anticipation. Soar over wind-blown dunes, traverse thrilling desert canyons, and explore mysterious cities in this fantasy land. Embark on an endless desert journey and explore the mysteries of the desert.

This Alto's Odyssey game has gorgeous graphics, its changing landscapes presenting brightly colored scenes, relaxing sound design, soothing soundtrack and ever-changing game backgrounds will give you more adventure. Odyssey will take you to more tropical adventures and explore a picturesque desert together. You can experience these breathtaking views while playing the game.

But the game is not simply for players to enjoy the game's graphics and music, it requires you to simply operate each character in the game to jump, slide, roll, help the character in this desert adventure, as well as chase each scene, in the endless beauty of the sunset to enjoy the afterglow which is also a fun.

The game you can feel the game of time to bring the scene changes, all the landscape, each area has a unique visual effect and game experience. Go feel this amazing world that belongs to you and find the most beautiful place in your heart.

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How to Play

The character in the game is skating through randomly generated terrain, riding a single board skateboard for adventure. You can tap the screen to jump and avoid obstacles like rocks or cliffs that will disorient the player. When jumping, you can hold the screen to control the character in mid-air to perform cool techniques. Gameplay requires players to tap the screen to get a jump, remember, if you hold the screen and don't let go, the main character will flip in the air. Flipping in the air can be a dangerous thing, if you can land perfectly, you will be able to accelerate forward and get a lot of points, if there is a dangerous state when landing then the game will be over.
The game also has a lot of thrills and excitement waiting for you to explore and discover the secrets of the desert, but it's this one that needs to be operated by clicking to complete various skating actions and goals. The game's modes are many and special, the game also has a day and night system, players can experience the changing landscape in the desert throughout the day, able to slide from broad daylight to night scenes change according to the distance you slide, followed by night slide to the sun rises.

The game comes with a fresh and serene soundtrack, this clock-like relaxation mode is the purest part of the game, no scores, no coins, no props. There is no score, no coins, no props, just you and the endless desert, you can glide on your own, but of course you need to be brave enough to explore the vast desert to enjoy the unique scenery. Photo mode. In the pause screen, you can take amazing photos of your desert journey behind the camera, zoom in with both hands and take beautiful landscape photos. Playing the game and listening to the night brought by nature, isn't this your dream adventure?



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