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    February 11, 2022

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It is believed that games with elimination elements have always been popular among players in all game genres. Even though it contains various puzzles, the whole game process is relaxed and free, without too many constraints and without any warlike nature. So if you are also a fan of trivial games, then we recommend Toy Blast, which will bring you endless fun! This is a free casual game developed by Peak Games. Many elimination games have candy-themed elements, but instead of candy and fruits, Toy Blast has a toy theme, which is what makes Toy Blast so special! In addition to the different elements of the game, Toy Blast is also very rich in gameplay. The game has thousands of levels, each with different tasks and various obstacles, so each level is a new challenge for the player. Are you confident that you can destroy all the blocks? If you do, you will be rewarded for your efforts. That means the more players eliminate the more points they get!
Game features.
① Simple and easy to play, players only need to connect two or more identical blocks together to eliminate
② Rich and diverse levels, countless puzzles waiting for players to unlock
③ A large number of props and rewards to help players to pass the level smoothly, a lot of surprises!

Toy Blast is a great test of the player's eyesight, if you are not careful, you may miss the last chance. The seemingly simple levels and elimination gameplay also exercise the player's logic ability. Toy Blast is suitable for all people and you can use it on Android and iOS platforms. Come along for the adventure in this world of toys!

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How to Play

Toy Blast is an elimination game, but in this game, players do not need to swap elements to eliminate the target, they just need to click on two or more squares of the same color to eliminate the target, these squares must be connected and adjacent to each other, otherwise the effect of elimination cannot be achieved. Whenever a square is eliminated, it will continue to fall from above to fill the empty space. When the player has eliminated a large number of squares, a special item will be created which helps the player to eliminate squares within a certain range. When the player gets two adjacent special items, try to click both of them at the same time, it will have unexpected effect, sometimes it can help you to eliminate the whole screen. So players should create as many squares as possible to combine together in the process of playing the game, so that you can get special squares and speed up the process of the game. It is not a good thing to eliminate as many combinations as possible, you can get more points and more rewards.
The game is based on a level system where every time a player completes a previous level, he or she can successfully unlock the next level. Each level has a task that needs to be completed and the number of steps available to the player is shown on the top right, meaning that the player must complete the level within that number of steps or else they will fail. If you complete the task before using all the steps, you will be rewarded with more. Each level is marked with a star depending on how well the player completes it, if you are lucky then you may get 1 star, if you pass the level before you run out of steps then you will get up to 3 stars. It is recommended that players aim to get 3 stars for each level. Because when the player collects a certain amount of stars, then they can unlock a corresponding star treasure chest.



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