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    February 28, 2022

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Have you ever thought about raising your own army of monsters? This may sound a bit funny, and maybe in reality it wouldn't work, but in a game, it would make sense, then that's when you need this fun simulation game, monster legends.

It's a fun monster fighting adventure game where players enter the game and are free to create monsters, unlock their skills and powers, and even breed as much as you want! Protect your adventure by creating your own monsters, join the game monster competition, and defeat your enemies. You can also choose different types of adventure in order to test their level of play has not changed a little better, only by constantly upgrading and strengthening, you can get newer and more powerful monsters, in order to make you stronger and stronger in the game.

Monster Legends is also a game using the classic triple elimination as the core gameplay, a perfect blend of nurturing, strategy and adventure elements, cartoon style graphics; in the game players can cause damage to monsters by eliminating the same items. This is a very fun monster breeding strategy battle game, the game players can raise some powerful monsters to fight with the enemy, in the continuous battle to develop more powerful monsters. As the saying goes there is no best only better, the game is also this truth, when you have raised a new monster in the game, do not be careless and lighthearted, but to evolve and upgrade with care.

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How to Play

The game play mainly lies in the battle and raising, the main battle play is the combination of the three elimination play and cards. The game should not be too much to explain to everyone, is the same three objects match together, to achieve the purpose of mutual offset, card mode and what is it, is also very simple, is when you get a role, is in the form of cards out, the above will have the complete properties and characteristics for you to understand, easy to collect is not a dream!

Players in the game can get their own monsters, you need to break through the levels to get a lot of gold to train pets, players need to train their own monsters, so that their monsters can accompany them in battle. The current battle in the game relies on eliminating items to give you a certain amount of energy. By matching mobile elements with each other with different attributes, you will gradually accumulate more abilities to make the battle more exciting, synthesize to unlock more powerful features, and develop your own abilities and attributes that will allow you to face the most fearsome boss monsters. Show your strategy and thinking through the quick match option, allowing you to gain the power of different elements in a powerful way.



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