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    February 16, 2022

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Do you like elimination games? Do you like to enjoy the achievements that come with matching? Now let's enter this magical world of elimination and go through thousands of fun puzzles with the cute little creatures.Best Fiends Puzzle Adventure is an elimination game with a difference because in this game you will have an adventure with the cute little bugs and defeat the evil slugs by solving the difficult triple elimination levels!
You will see a variety of peculiar bugs in the game, each with its own special abilities. You can upgrade the power of each bug to help them fight the slugs better. Use your wits to connect identical elements to eliminate them on the screen in the challenging levels. There are thousands of levels, and each level is a new challenge that can only be successfully passed by completing the level tasks. Are you confident that you will succeed in getting the reward?
When you successfully pass the levels, you'll have the chance to unlock more cute characters, from the nervous Housefly Crunch to the color-blind Chameleon, over 50 characters are available, each of which will bring you a magical adventure! You can invite your friends to join the adventure and compete against each other on the leaderboard to see who can get the higher score to win more rewards.
This is a very special level elimination game, although the story is wonderful, with gorgeous magical scenes, fresh and beautiful green nature, plus cool special effects during elimination, giving players a very immersive sense of immersion. The game has lovely graphics, no bright and eye-catching gems, instead of flowers, water drops, leaves and other icons, but the game as a whole is still similar to the colorful state of the screen in "Bejeweled".

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How to Play

Best Fiends - Match 3 Puzzles is a fun triple elimination game with a unique linking game style. In the game, players have to connect several identical elements to achieve elimination and get higher scores, and connecting 3 or more elements will trigger the elimination. Players can connect not only the same elements from top, bottom, left and right, but also diagonally opposite elements in all four directions, making the elimination rate higher and the gameplay more interesting.
When you line up identical icons together, it will attack the slug. There is a life value above the slug, and with each elimination, the slug will be attacked, and when the life value is 0, the slug will be destroyed. While eliminating the slugs, players have to complete the level tasks. In each level, there are level tasks that players need to achieve, mostly the number of specific elements to eliminate, and only when players successfully complete the level tasks, they can successfully pass the level. The game uses the level system, the difficulty of the level will gradually increase, each level is a new challenge. As the levels are unlocked, the player will encounter more obstacles, which will make the elimination of the line a great difficulty, so the elimination of obstacles is also the most important part of the game. Players can think about the effect that will be produced after the elimination of connected elements when they make each connection, so that they can anticipate the result to achieve better elimination purpose.
If the icons arranged together are also of the same color, then the bugs will have a stronger attack. Here you can collect and train different types of small monsters to switch at will, different characters have different abilities to make elimination more interesting, more exciting gameplay, different levels and interesting main quests and battle system to enrich the player's experience.



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