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    Android IOS

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    February 21, 2022

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    Flipline Studios



Papa's Cluckeria To Go! is a management simulation game developed by Flipline Studios. In this game, players will experience the fun of running a restaurant! When Papa Louie's runs a chicken sandwich restaurant and a rival chef suddenly shows up in town, Papa Louie's needs your help for the restaurant's long-term growth.
This is not an easy task, you must provide good service to make every customer happy. Make sandwiches, pile them high with toppings and sauces, and create refreshing swirls of slushies to serve to discerning customers. You have only one goal, to make the restaurant better and better and bring your customers a variety of delicious fried chicken food! You can even try a variety of new combinations. What unexpected tastes will come from combining various ingredients together? While perfecting your customers' orders, you have to improve your cooking skills to a certain extent, because that's the key to winning in a restaurant! When you can create a variety of delicious food, you can attract more customers.
Papa's Cluckeria To Go! will bring you a unique gaming experience and a sense of accomplishment when you finish a delicious food. The game's graphics are beautifully crafted, and each food feels like you can smell it from across the screen. Do you have the confidence to make a dish that will satisfy your customers? Maybe you can also start the general store decoration, all decisions are in your hands, start the food journey! Papa's Cluckeria To Go is a casual game for everyone, both adults and children can get a wonderful game experience from it, you can use it on Android or IOS platform!

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How to Play

The gameplay of "Papa's Cluckeria To Go!" is relatively simple, with various raising methods waiting for players to unlock. Players will play the role of the restaurant manager, your only goal is to ensure the normal operation of the restaurant. Players will be in the game according to the needs of customers to make the appropriate food. The customer's order will be displayed in the dialog box, understand the demand and then you can proceed to the next step. In the process of making food, players should pay attention to each customer's requirements and the state of the food, so that they can be satisfied with the food. For example, in the technique of baking fried chicken, it is best for the player to only cook the chicken to the degree of doneness requested by the customer. Then make the burger immediately and let the fried chicken be served to the customer when it is the hottest. When customers are satisfied with the food, they will pay for your efforts, and each type of food you make may bring you income so that players can get enough money to keep your fried chicken restaurant running properly. When players have enough money, they can use the money to upgrade the restaurant, expand the size of the restaurant and make some decorations to the restaurant, so that the restaurant can attract more customers and earn more money. In addition to satisfying customers' orders, players can also use their imagination in the game to try new menus by matching various ingredients together. As the game levels up, players can also unlock more ingredients and use new ones to provide more delicious food to customers.
Papa's Cluckeria To Go does not require much speed or skill from new players, as long as they follow the customer's requirements, and the game has a hidden Papa character to unlock in line with Papa's Burger Shop!



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