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    February 23, 2022

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    ChillyRoom Inc.



Have you heard that this is a fighting game with elements of the manga genre and you want to explore this beautiful alien world? Each scene of this game has a unique style, such as a tranquil bamboo trough, a Zen courtyard, a magnificent yakuza mausoleum or a fantastic mirage, and a heroic master with a fiery temper and overwhelming power, etc. The story "The best warriors from different times and spaces are summoned to a mirage. They are tested through battle after battle and finally find the long-buried secrets behind this realm.

Otherworld Legends" an action role-playing game, this is a 3D scenes, 2D characters composed of the game, this game is pixel style, the game painting style a variety of eerie courtyard and warm gazebo, and dangerous dungeons, you need to explore yourself, and powerful themselves to collect more props to assist their own battle, there are many secret levels .
This action game is played by controlling the character to achieve certain combat effects to win the game. This game is very strong in combat, do you want to challenge your combat ability? Enter this game you can feel the excitement and tension of the battlefield through a series of battles. You can not only fight or you can come here to explore different items and props, you can also use your intelligence to discover the mysteries of the game that you need to pass and discover the different game combinations that we offer to you. Here, you can start your battle world at will and make yourself stronger in the battle, so you can feel the different exciting gameplay that this game offers you.

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How to Play

In the game you can operate three different actions: dodge, attack and release your special ability, respectively, the main attack and other attacks, the main attack can be accompanied by effects other than stylized, but also flexible with the use of props, each character has three to four skills to choose from, each skill as the main skill when there are three styles to choose from, the game has dozens of combinations can be provided to everyone, props You can improve a variety of rich and diverse combat ability, the number of props and with the direct decision of your combat power, of course, you can also buy other skills to learn different moves to make yourself more powerful, you can also customize the game play according to their preferences from the options menu, you can open a lot of treasure chests in the game, open the treasure chest will get equipment and props, but these are random, not always equipment, and weapons. necessarily every time equipment, and weapons and props are distinguished, props can have four and weapons only one, then you will enter a mysterious room, each squad will enter this room, this hidden room on every map, in this room there are stores and merchants, you can give him gold to buy the goods you want, and you can also attack this merchant, defeat this merchant will get your props.

The game has a variety of heroes fighting style, they have corresponding attributes and skills, skill matching is an important relationship to enhance the combat power, from tall knights to cute monsters, melee, long-range, magic and physical, can choose according to preference. There are five heroes with different abilities in the game, including warrior, knight, archer and mage. Completely random levels, items and bosses also greatly ensure the playability of the game, and there are abundant hidden elements waiting to be discovered. Finally, this game requires precision and patience to defeat all the enemies.



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