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    February 23, 2022

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    Kolibri Games GmbH



Do you want to be a gold digger? Do you think you will become a billionaire? If you can't achieve your wishes in life, then have you considered switching to a virtual game to make your dreams come true? This Idle Miner Tycoon: Money Games is a simple simulation game in which you will go from an ordinary person to success step by step, plan your own growth, run your own mining industry, a variety of interesting gameplay, and you can experience the fun of managing your own mining plant at your leisure.

You should invest wisely and then make profits to boost your economy by mining different styles of valuable treasures, including coal, gold, rubies, moonstone, amethyst, crystals and jade, etc. Which of these things are not valuable treasures.

Want more gold and more wealth? No problem! You can start profiting from mining gems as well as investing in this game, become a mine factory owner, build a country of your own, build a business, make more money in the game to get rich, and you can make money by investing! So the bigger your business is in the game if you keep improving the area of digging gems, and if you can sell the gems you dig to the people who need them, then the greater your chances of becoming the richest person, the

The game is in a cute cartoon style with beautiful color graphics and easy to understand operation, but the fun of digging for treasure is endless. Play with your strategy and earn more cash by managing your own mine and using idle income to recruit professional miners together to expand your productivity to become an industrial tycoon and earn enough money to make your dreams come true!

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How to Play

The gameplay of this game is for players to recruit treasure digging workers to dig for gems. Players need to allocate their time and place of work, and they need to motivate their employees to work hard in order to do the digging work efficiently.

You can become a real-life mining billionaire by simulating the workflow of mining mines, buy new mines and buildings with the treasures you dig, and thus recycle your cash and mine your wealth to become the greatest millionaire in this mining and digging game.

The game also allows you to upgrade your mining plant. Each upgrade will slightly increase your profit and slowly, you can invest in some new substances for a more attractive excursion that

The game also allows players to upgrade various mining equipment, and after upgrading you can mine more gems, the more gems you mine the more gold you can exchange for, and eventually become the number one mining tycoon in this game. Even when you're not playing the game, your employees will be mining, allowing players to earn a lot of gold without even realizing it. You need to simulate becoming a rich millionaire by making sure all your employees are as efficient as possible and that there are no delays in mining jobs throughout the production process, combining mining management with earning lots of money. Your task is to manage all the resources that appear over time and increase your profitability.



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