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    Android IOS

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    February 18, 2022

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    Kakao Games Corp.



Do you like pixel style games? Or do you like adventure games? Go save the world like a hero, the world is yours to protect! Join "Guardian Tales" in this comprehensive game that combines role-playing, puzzle solving and adventure into one, with pixel as the main style of adventure game, in which players will become a knight, you need to complete the task of defending the kingdom and help the princess to avoid obstacles and dangers within the map scenes.
Each chapter of the game has different characters and scenes set, sometimes the NPCs that appear in front may become the player's role later, these interesting factors will make players have the urge to continue to play, want to experience more game play, you can also experience the weekly arena, and interesting storyline waiting for you to understand.

The story mode of Guardian Tales is simple. It starts with a frail kingdom guard trying to survive a new attack by a dark wizard. From there, your adventure takes on a more epic element as you face more and more evil monsters and venture out to explore wider areas of the kingdom. This is a wonderful role-playing game with a super fun setting and a strong pixelated charm.

Guardian Tales' powerful combat power can bring you endless surprises, and your partner here together with the battle together with the adventure; the role of the brave is also diverse, you need to constantly fight in order for you to survive; unique art style makes the game's graphics feel more exquisite, and the appearance of each character is also very vivid. Challenging puzzle play allows you to experience more plot adventures in the levels and show your unique fighting style. The character's ability needs your clever control to unleash a more powerful fighting force and become the real powerhouse in the adventure.

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How to Play

While exploring forests and dungeons, your task is to use your left thumb to move your character. Using your right thumb, choose to perform attacks, activate special skills and interact with any element in each scene. Interacting with each item in a different way is like an open sandbox, where you'll find flashlights, gravel, jumping on trampolines, chatting with other characters and more.

The game is also similar to a form of card draw to get the characters, no matter which character you like in the game, their combat is very strong, in the process of fighting there are the same type of attributes of heroes, according to the player's own preferences in the game team, and there are different types of this will require players to play slowly to explore the different places themselves.

The game to the level system to carry out the game, into the maze to beat the monsters in the way, find the exit can pass, the game also set some organs, need to solve the puzzle to pass, but the difficulty is not too high, as long as the flexible use of items in the game can help you pass, adventure will also meet a lot of NPCs they will give you a variety of different other tasks, in addition to the basic upgrade to fight monsters and find things Although your game character is a knight, you can also get other game characters to use by summoning, the game combines different styles of play will also make different players feel interesting, the game also has a variety of weapon types.



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