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Free Battle Royale games? Are you interested in games based on survival? If your answer is yes, then read on! fortnite is a free-to-play shooter survival game developed by Epic Games. The fast-paced combat style and rich random weapon system ensure that players have fun in every battle, and the innovative building system greatly expands the gameplay. In the most popular "Battle Royale" game mode, the game is divided into two parts: day and night. During the day, players need to cooperate to find materials to build a defense base, and when night comes, there will be a wave of monsters to attack players, but the game is not just about aiming and shooting your opponents, "building" is what sets this game apart from other survival games. While each action is relatively simple, putting them together takes practice and for most players, the game will be a bit challenging at first.
The game's smooth graphics and unique design-built hybrid system gives players the freedom to choose their own style of play, which makes it stand out among other survival games.
The game will offer players three free game modes, which players can choose randomly according to their preferences. Fortnite is still an excellent game if you don't mind the fact that there are certain props in the game that need to be purchased for a fee. The game includes a building system, which can be said to greatly enhance the playability and challenge of the game. Players just need to spend some time to understand and practice to get the skill.
The map of the game is relatively small compared to other games, so the pace of the game will be faster, play very skilled players can play for a long time without accident, if it is a new player, the game may be over in about 10 minutes. So the game is still challenging. If you have the confidence and enthusiasm for shooting games can come to try something!

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How to Play

The game combines the construction system with tower defense elements, which to a certain extent improves the playability of the game, so the game also has a certain degree of challenge, in the game the player not only needs to survive by shooting the enemy, but also to build buildings to become their own shelter, the player's most basic task on the island is to spend a certain amount of time to collect enough of a variety of resources, such as. Weapons and ammunition, rescue kits, collect wood, metal and bricks, etc. In short, any place in the map may have treasure and the resources you want, so you need to explore each place carefully. Players must build their own fortress bunkers by collecting these props to defend against attacks as well as defeat enemies. To build a protective fortress bunker, players must kill each other until only the last person is left in the circle. That means the last one will win the game.
As the game progresses, players also face the threat of storms, the eye of which shrinks every few minutes, and players must stay inside the eye of the storm or be eliminated from the game.
Fortnite players can play the game individually, in teams of two, or in teams of four. In four-player team games, teammates can cooperate and cover each other, as well as exchange weapons, ammunition and rescue kits, adding to the fun of interacting with multiple teammates in a virtual world. You and your teammates can move separately when searching for resources, so as not to miss any place as much as possible, but the distance between each team member should not be too far apart, otherwise when one team member is in danger, the other team members can not quickly reach the war to rescue. But you have to understand one thing, the richer the resources, the more enemies there will be, so you should always be ready to fight.



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