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    March 2, 2022

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Super Stylist is a casual game, you will be a good stylist, here for their customers to create a variety of fashion image, you can create a different image, you need to match the needs of the customer, including clothing, makeup, jewelry, shoes, to create the most stunning dress, so that they can be proud to go in and out to a variety of different places.

Simple and interesting gameplay, gain experience in the continuous task completion, experience the simulation of fashion styling, play your imagination, design according to your favorite style, to create the perfect makeup and clothing matching.

The games of dress-up and make-up are very casual, with gorgeous personalized clothes matching and decompression make-up gameplay, which many players like very much.

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How to Play

Players will create their own clothing styling studio in the game, your clients need a certain look and you buy them the best looking clothes. If you create the perfect look, they will leave happy and you will be rewarded with more. Your customers will refer others to you, too.

You'll also have access to tons of clothing: shirts, skirts, shorts, shoes, and more. There are also tons of accessories for you to add to create the perfect look. Mix and match as much as you want, and as you play the game, you'll get to know your customers better.



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