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    January 10, 2022

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    Outfit7 Limited



Do you know Tom Cat? Tom is a very popular kitty, which has reaped the love of players all over the world with its unique personality and cute appearance. So, do you want to play with Tom? In My Talking Tom Friends, you will not only meet the famous Tom Cat, but you will also have a wonderful adventure with Tom's friends!
My Talking Tom Friends is a virtual electronic pet game launched by the famous foreign game company outlet7 limited, which has been downloaded 100 million times. It is a perfect game for kids, with 3D cartoon graphics and unique character design, bringing a fairytale-like world for kids, in which they can have a close interaction with the cute pets in this free world.
In My Talking Tom Friends, not only is there a talking Tom, but also his 5 best friends Angela, Hank the dog, Ginger the cat, Ben the dog and Becca, with whom you will embark on a new journey while learning how to take good care of your pets in the world of Tom Cat.
In the game you will learn how to take care of them, each pet has its own habits, you have to get to know them better to discover their interesting personalities, they can also communicate with you and bring you a variety of fun times. What kind of interesting stories will happen when 6 little friends live together? Who likes to play pranks? Who likes to play? Who likes to sing ....... With this series of questions, go into this virtual pet world and find the doubts in your mind. Believe in yourself, you will be a good owner and your pets will depend on you.
My Talking Tom Friends is a game for children, but also for all people, who will have fun with it, no matter what age they are. If you're a big fan of Tom Cat, then this is a great game not to be missed, and you can use it on Android or IOS!

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How to Play

My Talking Tom Friends is a very simple game, when you first enter the game, you will receive a delivery box containing a little Tom and his friends, from then on these pets need your careful care.
The general gameplay of the game is the same as the talking Tom Cat, but the difference is that in this game, players need to take care of six little guys. Different pets have different personalities, so take care of them, there are also different differences. For example, when the dog Ben feels hungry, Angela wants to rest, the state of the pet will be displayed in the bubble overhead, the player must meet the needs of the little animals according to these states. When they feel hungry, feed them food. When they feel tired, take care of them to sleep. When they want to go to the bathroom, take them to the bathroom. You must deal with their needs separately to take better care of them, and observing their reactions while taking care of them will bring you joy. Every time you complete a need players will get experience value, which will help you upgrade slowly. I believe that your little pets will soon grow up under your care.
Besides, you can also play with them in the game and do some fun activities. Explore different areas to have more fun. Also, in the game, players will have the opportunity to get various dress-ups for their pets, from hairstyles to clothing, you can choose various styles you like to dress them up. Even dress them up in the exact same clothes and wear the same hairstyle.
You can also decorate the room for them, choose your favorite carpet, chalkboard, game console, wallpaper, etc. to create a cozy room for them. The little ones will bring you all kinds of fun in the game, so play with them now!



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