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    January 22, 2020

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This is definitely a game that girls will love! If you want to be an anime designer, if you want to create vivid characters, if you want to use your creative talent, then Gacha Life is perfect for you because it's a fun anime girl dress up game!
You can create all kinds of anime characters in Gacha Life, from appearance, hairstyle, eyes, mouth and so on, you can define and change them freely to your liking. There are also tons of outfits for you to choose from, from dresses and blouses to short skirts and more, there are countless beautiful outfits here. What kind of outfits will you match for the characters according to their characteristics? Each character is unique, and you can match them with weapons and equipment to create your own unique anime character from every angle.
What will happen when many characters come together? It's time to use your imagination to create different scenarios for the characters and set up different storylines to make the game more interesting. You can add character dialogs, write dialogs based on your imagination, and make your characters perform a variety of actions. A series of dramatic stories will take place in the characters you design. The imagination is never ending, so this story will not end.
Go explore various areas of the game with the characters you create and you will meet more interesting people, complete various interactions with them, and have the opportunity to unlock more new stories. The game also adds a "Twister" feature to make the game even more fun.
Gacha Life is a casual game for everyone. The cartoon style game graphics and unique dress-up style will bring unexpected surprises to every player. What are you still thinking? Come join in and start a new journey with your own anime character!

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How to Play

Gacha Lif is a very free-to-play game that is easy to use and suitable for players at every stage. Players can create secondary anime characters in the game and define their character's appearance to their liking, including hair color, eye shape, height, clothes, etc. Players can match the appropriate outfits to the characteristics of the character they want to create. For example, if you want to create a character who likes music, you can choose headphones and other accessories to highlight the character's personality.
After creating the character of your choice, you can interact with it in a deeper way. The game provides players with more than a hundred backgrounds, players can freely choose from these scenes. After choosing a scene, you can put your own design into the scene and add a storyline to your character! This can be the story of one person, or two people, or many people together. In short, it will all be customized by the player. Design the characters' movements as well as poses for the story you create next, design their dialogues, and enter the dialogues in the dialog box to make it all as engaging as if it were a real story. You can design any story or even create an episode.
Besides, let your characters explore different areas of the game towns, schools and so on, you can meet more other characters who will bring you more surprises. Every day you can venture in new scenarios and more interesting gameplay is waiting for you to discover.
There are also 8 mini-games in Gacha Lif. By completing tasks in the game, players can earn gems, which can be exchanged for rare gifts when they accumulate to a certain amount, and players can collect more gifts from the egg twister!



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