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    March 28, 2022

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Look! The little candy-loving monster Om Nom is back, and this time he knows five new partners to bring you a food adventure, in this journey, you will cross the dense candy forest, busy city, cluttered junk car yard and other five new themes. A variety of wonderful journey waiting for you to experience oh ~ only one goal to eat delicious candy.

Cut the Rope 2 is a casual and relaxing puzzle game, perfect for leisure time, for all ages, Cut the Rope 2, the latest work of Cut the Rope, continues the classic gameplay, with new props such as balloons, helicopter flying insects and other cute new characters who will help Om Nom to eat delicious candy. The game will bring new challenges and unexpected puzzles! If you like Cut the Rope, then you'll love Cut the Rope 2!

First of all, our protagonist is Om Nom, a round little monster with a cute little green body and big innocent eyes that look like a good bully. It will greet you with a big smile and a wave. It likes to eat candy very much, just think about the delicious and delicious candy who does not like it? But this time the snack needs your help to eat candy, cut the rope, let the candy through the lucky stars to Om Nom's mouth, so Om Nom will be able to eat its beloved candy.

Cut the Rope 2" adopts a fresh and lovely game painting style, Om Nom's image is very Q and cute, in addition, according to the different levels, the background will also change, you can see the sunny sunny day, can also see the pouring rain rainy day, light and lively background music can let the players well into the game.

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How to Play

Cut the Rope 2 game play is very simple, the operation is the same as the previous work, by sliding the screen to cut the rope, control the timing of the use of some props or partners can be, so that the candy through the lucky stars to Om Nom's mouth, you can succeed. Of course you can not arbitrarily cut the rope, you need to think carefully about the angle and parabola to operate, because the level is different, props, traps are also different, if the blind operation, the little monster did not eat the candy is unable to pass the level. After entering the game there will be an opening animation, because Om Nom want to find the stolen candy, was entangled in the rope of the hot air balloon, and the candy took off into the air, the player cut the rope on the little monster Om Nom fell in the forest, from Om Nom will embark on a journey to find the candy.

The game has five map scenes dense forest, busy city, desert, garbage dump and underground tunnels, each scene a total of 20 levels. Roto can fly and bring Om Nom to the best position to catch the candy; Lick can use its long tongue to help Om Nom set the route of candy rolling; Blue can raise the main character to a higher height; Toss can throw various items; Boo scares Om Nom and makes him bounce to other locations. The shape and ability of each partner are different. I believe that with the help of these little friends, Om Nom can eat delicious candy more easily!

If you prefer a challenge, you can participate in the game's challenge mode, follow the target requirements for the challenge, the success of the challenge can also get a medal. In your free time, you can also dress up the little monster to make it look even cuter.



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