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    January 27, 2022

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Crossy Road is a casual puzzle game, in this game there are a group of famous animals do not obey the rules of the road, each road between the crosswalk and no traffic lights, you need to risk your life to cross the road to get high scores.

The game in pixel style randomly changing scenes, small animals and small human characters are Lego images, each character has exclusive game attributes and voiceover. Give you a different exciting adventure, players not only have to deal with the unpredictable scenes, challenge the limit of the operation, but also face the psychological challenge of small animals in the process of crossing the road and being crushed by the oncoming vehicles. On one side is the exciting challenge of unlocking the pleasure of other small animals; on the other side is the cruel reality of animals being crushed, simple and exciting

In the game is not only a chicken role, players can also unlock other cute animal characters to break through with their own.

Although the game play is very simple, the game is not difficult in operation, but test the player's proficiency, in short, hand speed. Although the game is simple, but want to score high is not easy, this kind of agile games want to play well or need to rely on the player's eyes and operation of the perfect match to complete.

Want to get a high score is very difficult, between each road there is a small rest area, only the never-ending traffic and endless road. Players can crouch and wait for a safer time, but the traffic can never be reduced by one cent, which is very test players' reaction ability.

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How to Play

Game play is very simple, click on the screen the small animal will go forward. If you need to turn the movement, you only need to swipe the screen. In this game, the player has to help a variety of small animals to cross the road safely, the player can see the right time to make a quick jump, if there is no more suitable time, the player in a safe area to find the opportunity to find a quick jump.

When crossing the train tracks, pay attention to whether the red light is on or not, if it is on, please wait for the train to pass and continue to move forward, the train has the characteristics of fast speed and small number, after avoiding the train once, you can basically pass!

The game players slide their fingers to control the main character's direction of movement, where the slide can include any position in the game screen, as long as the sliding action in the screen characters will move accordingly, so players in the game as far as possible when the fingers let go, do not let the fingers block the two sides of the route, or when the vehicle rushed out players will not notice.

To control the characters through the road, control the timing to move forward to avoid all kinds of vehicles and organs, and collect as many coins as possible, used to unlock new animals. In addition to the road, sometimes you have to cross the river and so on, through the more roads the better, according to the theme of the different scenes, players will also encounter the corresponding special challenges.

The game started with only a dozen characters, but the content was updated to unlock more than a hundred characters. There are even hidden characters that need to meet certain special conditions to obtain. If you are tired of playing the pure practice mode, you can also unlock new characters as a game achievement, which is not a card game but better than a card game. The screaming chick that gets hit by the road will surely impress players



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