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    March 16, 2022

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Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game is a casual simulation game based on cats, you will meet many different kinds of cute cats in the fairy tale forest, unlock many varieties of cats in the game, live with them, run a cat restaurant, take care of them, play with them, let them become your cook, make fragrant and delicious food for the little animals here. Make delicious food for the animals. By making food to unlock more cooking facilities, you can also upgrade specific facilities, so that their cooking speed can be improved, and slowly turn this place into a restaurant with a wide variety of dishes. Get a simple cozy life in the game!

In the game you will meet many small cats, each with a very distinctive appearance and personality, such as; Siberian cat, Norwegian Forest cat, Burman cat, British Shorthair cat, Maine cat, Ragdoll cat, Himalayan cat and many more!

Each small animal in the forest has a favorite food, you have to understand, make their favorite food can quickly increase the goodwill.

The game is very cute image of naive cats, you can give them names, put on beautiful clothes, hats and accessories and other kinds of clothing. Make them look even cuter.

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How to Play

Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game After entering the game, players need to get the materials for making food and the tools for cooking ingredients, the game also provides a large number of facilities for players to choose from; such as making soup, carrots, cabbage slices, juice making, corn kernels, etc. Add recipes and facilities to attract more critters, and click to build to build. The operation inside is very simple to play, players just need to click on different locations in the scene to walk.

After building you will get a cute cat, there are many kinds of cats, each cat has different attribute characteristics, it will become your cook; you can also give this cute cat a name; buy it clothes, hats and so on, it will look more cute; then you can receive the small animals, let your cat cook make all kinds of delicious soup for them, collect out many ingredients to make the food. Run with your cat to make this place into a cat restaurant.

Game highlights.
1, the game graphics are very beautiful, you can make your cat photos into albums, or save them to your device and use them as wallpaper!
2, a variety of cat purring, ambient sense of music, immersed in the world of the game.
3, the picture is very cute, heal our hearts and relax us.

Super cute, cute bleeding, the gospel of the meowers specifically for players who like animals to create a game!



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