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    May 21, 2021

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Axolochi is a simulation game inspired by the real amphibians found in the lakes below Mexico City where you will take care of different species of colorful salamanders.

You will all need to feed it, pet it and bathe it like a pet to give it love and care. In addition to some daily companionship, you can also play games with Axolochi and earn gold coins. See how many balls you can catch and how many bubbles you can pop. You can also play some fun dancing games.

When they're big enough, you'll release it into the wild by tapping on it, and you'll be able to start over by collecting a fresh new egg from the mysterious salamander machine and hatching it into a whole new species. The more salamanders you release, the more new colors and combinations you unlock. So players will have to put a lot of effort and care into taking care of Axolochi.

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How to Play

Axolochi game operation is very simple, that is, you just need to move your hand on the screen to bathe it. Drag the food from the plate to its mouth to feed it and other operations, you will be responsible for Axolochi's daily life in the game and always know what Axolochi needs. The gameplay is very interesting.

There are 36 different species to collect, including ice cream cones and dragons, which the player has to try to collect.

The ability to explore the game's hidden gameplay to have fun, as well as the ability to go into unknown areas for magical adventures.

Axolochi is not the most complicated game, it's simple. It is an experience that exudes cuteness, humor and charm. It's so nice to have something simple, cute and fun to help us relax at the end of the day after a stressful day at school or work. You deserve to try this game!



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