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Do you like to play driving games? Fun games? If you can race around the track with no fear or concern, then playing Bike Race: Motorcycle Game will be the best way to enjoy it. Experience the most realistic driving fun, an intense and competitive racing game, show your bike skills in this simple and fast paced physics game with realistic physics effects, simple and colorful graphics, easy to learn gameplay and easy to control locomotives. Enjoy the very attractive and beautifully designed bike tracks with thrilling maps, dozens of addictive scenarios, and hundreds of challenging tracks on which to show your excellent and superb bike skills, amazing special effects and superb skills to players all over the world. Become a pro and prove yourself. Get on your motorcycle and strap on your helmet. Drive to the finish line of victory.

The game is full of challenging races and thrilling stunts. The game starts with only one available motorcycle, but as you progress, you earn stars that can be used to unlock new bikes and riders. In total, there are more than a dozen different shaped vehicles for you to collect. A variety of game tracks to choose from have hazards, climbs, jumps, loops, bridges and ramps to conquer one by one with your superior motoring skills. Super realistic physics effects, presenting players with wonderful visual effects.

In this game, keep your balance while climbing up steep platforms. Make as many flips and stunts as you need to get a higher score when you need to.

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How to Play

Upon entering the game, Bike Race: Motorcycle Game features a beginner's guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to proceed. The game simulates driving a motorcycle in a race. The game uses a level system where the player must complete the first level and unlock the next challenge. The controls of the game are very interesting. Press your finger anywhere on the screen to move forward, and at the same time, turn your device left and right to help your rider balance on the driver's seat. At first, the game may not go very well, you can exercise your skills in the training mode or invite friends to play with you and see who is better. Simple and fresh game graphics, simple and easy to use game play. This game will help you have a good time.

On the right side of the screen, there are gas and brake pedals, and on the left side of the screen, there are controls to tilt the bike and make it move forward or backward. With these controls, you can spin in the air and make some super difficult moves. You need to drive forward carefully in the face of various road conditions.

However, if you are going very fast while trying to maneuver the bike better, there is no need to maintain a faster speed, so it is better to let go of your fingers and let the bike slow down. Don't forget to keep turning your phone to avoid falling off while jumping. Complete a series of levels with different levels to get gold coins to unlock or modify your vehicle.



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